*With some of the COVID-19 restrictions, some of this may change*

Some commonly asked questions.

Q: What is Cross Country?

A: In short, Cross Country is a team sport, made up of a minimum of 5 runners for scoring purposes. A varsity or high school race is 3.1 miles long (5km) while a JV or middle school race is typically 2.49 (4km) long. Both can be on various surfaces such as dirt, grass and pavement. Middle schoolers can be bumped up to a high school race but high schoolers can not be dropped down to a middle school race (and while 5th graders are allowed to run on a middle school team they can not be bumped up to a high school race).

Q: What is different or what has changed due to COVID19?

A: Because we are members of the South Carolina Home School Athletic Association we will need to abide as much as possible by any guidelines provided by the SCHSAA. We will provide a document with all the details at a future time.

Q: Do I need to bring water?

A: YES! We will not have a water cooler so every runner needs to bring their own water bottle(s). There will be no sharing of water.

Q: What are the requirements for earning a Varsity Letter?

A: We will send out a document on BAND that will breakdown all of the requirements.

Q: When and where are practices?

A: Practice times and locations will be posted on BAND. The only time we won't practice is if there is lightning and we will post something as soon as possible to the BAND app.

Q:  …and how many are required to be on the team?

A: There are 4 days during the week (Mon, Tue, Thu & Sat) that we will have "team" practice where everyone will be able to run together as a team. Then there are 2 days a week that athletes should be "practicing" on their own (we will provide suggestions on what can be done on these "own practice" days). 

Q: When are meets?

A: We will post the schedule on the BAND app. Contact us if you don't have access.

Q: How much does it cost?

Short answer:

~$40 uniform
~$13-15 team t-shirt*
~$18 championship t-shirt*
~$1-5 for "extra" races*
*these are not required

Long answer: It varies a little by the season and how many races charge entry fees. CBC has graciously put up some money to cover the cost for us to enter most races but we may still ask for a smaller amount ($1-$5)  for local races - many of which we encourage the parents and siblings to run with the team (we usually get a team discount on these). We have tried in the past to keep the uniform around $40 per runner, and that included a race top and shorts. The current uniform style is no longer available so we will have to buy a new style which may cost more since we won't need to buy as many (if you have a maroon uniform from the past couple of years you can still wear it). We typically also buy team t-shirts that we try to keep around $13-15/ea. The championship race at the end of the year offers long-sleeve t-shirts that are usually around $18/ea. These shirts are optional. The only cost upfront would be the uniform. The other costs are spread out over the season.

Q: Who do we pay?

A: Payments can be made in cash or preferably a check made out to CBC.

Q: How will you communicate with us?

A: This year we are going to use the BAND app. This is new and hopefully will allow us to communicate with everyone efficiently and quicker than mass emails. We will also text or call parents if there is an emergency or eminent need so make sure we have a good emergency contact number.

 Q: Do you have other rules/expectations for the athletes & parents?

A: Yes. We will hand out a "list" of some basic rules for the athletes & parents but the bottom line for all of our rules is that we are honoring God in all that we say and do so that we are a good testament to those we encounter.



We hope this helps. As questions come up we will try to post them here with the answer if appropriate for the group. 

Jason & Tracy Behrens
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