Our Children’s Ministries depend on parents and others to volunteer. Would you like to make a positive impact on a child’s life? If so, and you have been a member of CBC for 6 months or more, sign up today to join our great team of volunteers.

Goals and Objectives           

1. Give children the opportunity to worship their Creator every time they come to church. Worship experiences should include reading God’s Word, being taught God’s Word, singing praise and worship songs, prayer and active participation in completing bible related activities.

2. Learn something new from God’s Word each time they are a part of CBC Children’s Ministries.

3. Children will be taught that they were uniquely created by God and that God has a special plan for their life.

4. Children will be given a clear presentation of the gospel from the Word of God.

5. Children will be given opportunities along with their parents to serve within the body of Christ. Together, parents and church leaders will be encouraging and training children to have a Christ-like attitude toward serving others.

6. Children will be shown the love of Christ by the teachers, VIP’s and assistants that serve them during every scheduled children’s ministry.

7. Children and parents will be encouraged to invite friends and unchurched children to CBC’s family activities.

8. The teachers and leaders of the CBC Children’s Ministries will always work together with parents to develop each child into an individual who honors God.