Beaufort County Requirements for Homeschooled Students

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Effects of S.149 on Student Athletics Eligibility

(Home Schools and Governor’s Schools)

An act to amend the code of laws of South Carolina, 1976, so as to enact the “equal access to interscholastic activities act” by adding section 59-63-100 so as to permit home school students and Governor’s School students to participate in interscholastic activities of the school district in which the students reside subject to certain conditions, and to provide additional requirements for charter school students to participate in interscholastic activities.

This access is only available at “traditional public schools” not exclusive magnet schools, exclusive technical schools, charter schools and/or private schools.

The home-schooled student must have been taught in the setting for a full academic year prior to participating in an interscholastic activity.  The student may satisfy this requirement by being home schooled for a full academic year at any time prior to participation.

Student must notify the superintendent of the school district in writing of his/her intent to participate in the interscholastic activities as a representative of the school before the beginning of the season (first day of legal practice) for the activity in which he/she wishes to participate.

Home schooled and/or Governor’s School students may participate on athletic teams at the traditional public schools of their “League recognized” legal residence.

The home-schooled student must reside (with League recognized guardians) in attendance zone of the public school in which the student participates.

The student must meet all League requirements at the resident public school except enrollment and attendance.

A student that changes residence (by League’s transfer standards) eligibility will transfer to the new residence school immediately.

Not all-inclusive.  There may be other questions and issues to arise as we work through this situation.

Note:  Governor’s School students may only participate in sports not offered at the school.