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Sep 02, 2022 | Audrey Broggi

Women's Conference 2022 - Read Your Bible

Dear CBC Women,

I am just thrilled that you are reading through the Word with us this year.

First, in order to be part of the "Audrey Broggi" Bible reading community you will need the YouVersion app. If you don't already have it installed on your phone or tablet, for iPhones and iPads download the app here.

For Android devices download the app here.

Once you have downloaded the YouVersion app and signed up for a free account...

Click here to join us on the app.

You should see me and the rest of the CBC women on the app. If you don't, let Claudia know

You can also participate in the daily reading plan by simply printing out our paper plan and checking off the days as you read your chapters.

Click here to print out the paper plan.  

One last thing...Please come to Woman’s Life. I will be teaching chapters from the Psalms and encouraging you to memorize them.  Woman’s Life is such a wonderful place for you to get to know other women in the church. To be in a small group where you discuss the Psalms. It’s also a place of accountability and fellowship. Woman’s Life is intentional about not overloading women’s schedules but meeting enough to be a way to further fulfill the command for women in the church found in Titus 2:3–5. Woman’s Life functions under the authority of the elders and is part of the overall ministry of Community Bible Church.


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