What is a Deacon? 

Members are assigned a deacon when they join the church. The first year, the deacon contacts his family four or five times. This can be by phone or card or email. (If a call goes unanswered, the deacon will leave a voice mail.) These correspondences are intended to ensure that the family is well and that their spiritual and other needs are being met. After a year, the adults of the family should have transitioned into an Adult Bible Fellowship, where the class takes over the responsibilities of the deacon, including prayer, fellowshipping, and providing meals in case the member is sick or hospitalized. Even if in an ABF, the family is welcome to call their deacon anytime, particularly if they have a need that isn’t being met in the ABF or if the family hasn’t yet joined an ABF.

If you are a member and do not know who is your deacon, inquire at the front desk or call the office at (843) 525-0089. Deacons are standing by to serve!

Gary Baker -





Shyam Barigala -





Scott Bingham -





Andy Black -




Chuck Boswell -





Bob Brunson -





Aubrey Burton - 





 Rusty Clemmer -





Smittie Cooler -





J.D. Duncan -





Tom Ertter -





John Fisher -





Jeremiah Fraser -





Tom Gaffney -





 Chris Graham -





Bill Hodgins -





 Keith Kizer -





Tim Miller -





David Norman -





Danny Olivarri -





Larry Rhodes -





Jim Rose -





James Robinson -





Dan Shortt -





Bob Stevens -





J.J. Stokes





Fred Tiedemann -





Chip Upjohn -





Floyd Usry -





Anthony Vaughn -





Robb Wells -




Alvin Wilson -




Brantley Wilson - 




Jim Wingquist - 




Bruce Wood -