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Busy Hands

Posted by Audrey Broggi on

I wrote the following back in 1998: “Busy hands,” I heard my aunt whisper as we gazed into the coffin where my grandmother’s body looked so lovely, even in death. Both of us seemed to be alone with her although we were standing next to each other in a room filled with...

So He Asked Me About My Children

Posted by Audrey Broggi on

  Five years ago, I went to a couple's home to look at a rocker they had posted on Craigslist. When I met them, it seemed like we were old friends. I'm not sure of their age, but probably old enough to be my parents. I liked them right away. The wife told me all about the rocker, why she...


Posted by Carl Broggi on

THE BIBLE'S WORD ON IT   A number of people have asked for a reprint of the following article from Christianity Today which first appeared in 1975. Pastor Broggi mentions this article quite often when asked about what the Bible says about drinking alcohol:   WINE-DRINKING IN...