Member Care

Please note many of these service opportunities have individual leaders. Look for their names as a point of contact.


Opportunities for service include assisting those being baptized with robes, towels, taking pictures, etc. Requires only 30 minutes before a service.
Contact Gary Baker 843-263-5882.


Sit, care for and spend time with chronically or terminally ill homebound members. Serve at your convenience and as available.
Contact Pastor Ed Vernoy 843-525-0089.

Food Pantry

Open to the needy in the community with opportunities to stock, take inventory, and package food items.
Contact Chip Upjohn 843-987-0374.

Funeral Reception

Make or help serve refreshments for funeral receptions of member families.
Contact Jeanah Garcia 843-525-0089.

Hospitality Events

To create an atmosphere of fellowship through the act of hospitality within the CBC family while extending the same to the community with the ultimate goal of sharing the love of Christ, adding saints to the Kingdom of God and keeping God's command:

Whether, then, you eat or drink or whatever you do, do all to the Glory of God.
1 Corinthians 10:31

Hospitality is involved in all events in the church where food, smiles and love are shared.

We are always looking for ladies and gentlemen that would love to use their talents for reaching others through this venue.  Please join us and volunteer.  

Jeanah Garcia / Events and Activities Associate
843-525-0089 ext. 228

Mercy Meals

Making and delivering a meal once a quarter to member families with medical needs.
Contact Kathy Blandford 843-838-3643.


Help with evangelistic services to new recruits on Parris Island on Sunday mornings for an hour and a half.
Contact Glenn Zeitlow 843-838-5868.

Nursing Home

Encourage and edify elderly through a Bible message along with music. This service is weekly for one hour.
Contact Fran Wingquist 843-441-1105.


Assist visitors and members before Sunday services by directing them to parking areas as well as offering directions to various sections and services of the campus.
Contact Dan Duffy 843-812-2820

Prayer Chain

An email resource for prayer requests or praises. Occasional fill-in help is needed.
Contact Sandy Voegeli 843-812-5521.

Prime Timers

Assist with the coordination and implementation of various fellowships and special events for members and visitors age 50 and above.
Contact Sandy Voegeli 843-812-5521.

Search the Scriptures

The Biblical education ministry of Pastor Broggi through radio and the Institute of Biblical Studies. Help needed with order fulfillment, ministry mailouts and online data entry. 
Ed Vernoy / Pastor of Hispanic Ministries and Member Care
843-525-0089 ext. 228

Visitor Pies

Opportunities to deliver church purchased pies to CBC Visitors in your area.
Contact Bonnie Drew 843-271-2769.

Sanctuary Seat Stuffing

Come in on Thursday or Friday to freshen the content of the seat back pockets.
Contact Esther Richardson 843-470-1094