Return To Church

Please read this entire page and watch the video...

We have again opened the doors at our Beaufort, Grays and Graniteville campuses, for Sunday worship, Sunday schools, nurseries and adult Bible fellowships. Under the guidance of the Centers for Disease Control, and given the diminishing number of Covid 19 cases, particularly in the Low Country, the staff and elders of CBC have prayed and worked to come up with a plan that will be as safe as possible for everyone. But, please realize, we cannot control every variable. So, those choosing to attend in-person do so at their own risk.

Dr. Broggi gives us the particulars on gathering together!



If you have the slightest concern that you or any members of your family may be experiencing any illness whatsoever, please remain at home.

If you have the slightest concern about being immuno-deficient or immuno-suppressed, or are at all anxious about the possibility of contracting any communicable disease, please remain at home.

Please recognize that although Community Bible Church has sought to take every safety precaution into account, you still attend at your own risk.

We are prepared, if necessary, to suspend in-person services and to resume exclusive livestreaming.

If you wish to attend but want to wear a mask, wear a mask! If you want to attend and don't want to wear a mask, don't wear a mask. Common sense dictates the benefit of wearing a mask if you have not been vaccinated; but this is a matter of personal choice.

Please help us remain unified as a body by taking a posture of grace, patience and acceptance with each other, regardless of personal opinion regarding masks or vaccines.